Assets & Branding

About Us

We are a fresh team that just started developing Lobium on the Alpha stage. As the team, we provide tournaments across selective competitive games and work on technologies to improve competitive gaming.

We aim to get to the beta stage in the third quarter of 2021.

Our Placeholder Logo

Lobium Alpha

We do not prefer to use a logo until we progress further. However, we do use "Lobium" in Quantico Bold and "Alpha" in Open Sans Light in italics with our primary colors as a placeholder logo. This placeholder logo should be able to be percieved clearly. For this to happen, background and the placeholder logo should have a nice contrast, background should not be complex and appropriate padding should be used.

Lobium Alpha

Two-line version should be used for the spots such as showcase grids, near-square spaces or optionally for better display. This version of the placeholder logo has letter-spacing on the "Alpha" part.


As the placeholder icon, uppercase letter "L" should be used in Quantico Bold font.

Color Palette


We use:

Open Sans: