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20 Lobium Alpha CS:GO TR University Open 5v5 Testing Cup #1

This tournament has ended. The winner is Akdeniz University, congratulations!


Lobium Alpha University Open 5v5 Testing Cup #1

TRSaturday, 08-Feb-20

The tournament matches is going to start on 8th of February 2020 at 02:00 PM (UTC +03 / Istanbul). Brackets are going to have double elimination schedule with best of one matches while the grand final being best of three. Each round will last one hour except the grand final round. Late matches will be placed on the next day by the vote of the participants.

Please use ESL Global and CS:GO Cup rules as general guidelines (excluding ESL platform specific rules) and stick to ESIC's codes and AnyKey's behavioral codes.

Highlighted Rules:

Any conflicting rules will be overwritten with the rules below overtime:



There won't be any streaming done by Lobium Alpha for the current tournament. If you want to cover the matches from Lobium Alpha's Twitch channel, please reach out on us on Discord. Casting the matches on private channels are not allowed.