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20 Lobium Alpha QC EU Invitational 2v2 Tournament #1

This tournament has ended. The winners are RAISY & VENGEUR, congratulations!

We decided to bring some fresh air into the competitive scene of Quake Champions with some 2v2 TDM's! We will invite 16 players (8 teams) to compete against each other in 2v2 TDM format.

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Lobium Alpha Invitational 2v2 Tournament #1

5:30 PM

The Brackets


  • All players on lineups must be communicating on Lobium Alpha's Discord.
  • Each team will ban one champion.
  • A team cannot have duplicate champions. Champion duplication can only occur in the case of a champion switch between the teammates for approximately 30 seconds at most. Otherwise, the player has to respawn even after the player switches the champion.
  • Teams are allowed to change champions mid-game.
  • Standard break time between matches will be 10 minutes.
  • Standard break time between maps will be 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The referee has the last call if the break time extends due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Stick to ESIC's codes and AnyKey's behavioral codes.
  • The rules are a guideline and the decisions by the referee may differ from them depending on the circumstances.


  • Default ranked 2v2 TDM game settings will be used. (15 minutes of time limit, 50 score limit.)
  • Matches will be played best-of-three, excluding the grand final which will be best-of-five.
  • The tournament will be on single elimination system.
  • Teams will decide on the game server by discussing it with each other. The referee has the last call in the case of a conflict.
  • Map Pool:
    • Awoken
    • Blood Covenant
    • Blood Run
    • Corrupted Keep
    • Ruins of Sarnath
    • The Molten Falls
    • Vale of Pnath


  • 1st Team: 30$
  • 2nd Team: 20$